Head and Star
The fanzine


Head & Star is the longest existing German language fanzine dedicated to The Sisters of Mercy. After much activeness in 1994-1998, it's currently hybernating while the editor is busy with the real life and the band are busy with whatever keeps them from releasing The Next One.

The sad news is that not only the fanzine is out of activity, all its issues are sold out and out of print. The new issue will be out there someday, and everybody in our mailing list will be immediatelly informed. Not in the list yet? Mail to The_Sisterhood99@hotmail.com and you're in. We're not in the business of selling your data or flooding you with Special Deals, so no there's need to worry about it. Those who bought any issue of the zine (Bravo! Bravo!) are already in the list.

Meanwhile, you're advised to read the English Glasperlenspiel fanzine for Sisters enlightment needs, keep reading the Tours site for live news and memories, and keep an eye of the official site of the band for slightly possible news on that next album.

The site uses quite some CSS nonsence, so if you're not on IE4+ or NS6 it might just come crashing down on you.

Questions? Comments? Flames? Get them to head-and-star@geocities.com.
Last update: 05 November 2007