Head and Star


What is Head and Star?

Head and Star is the longest existing German language fanzine concentrating on The Sisters of Mercy. 8 issues were released (all sold out by now), the most recent in 1998. Despite the pause, the zine project isn't abandoned yet.

Head and Star was started back in 1994. Back then time all available German fanzines were all bad quality copies of well known press cuts and advertisements for much too expensive bootlegs, so Head & Star with latest news/rumours about the band, gig reviews, information about official releases and related bands, new bootleg releases (with quality, prices, track lists, sources etc.) small advertisements and other relevant topics came as a light at the end of the sorry little tunnel. Which wasn't bad.

Over the years the zine remained faithfull to its initial idea -- to be the best forum of Sisters topics in German language, and it still is one of the most informative and entertaining Sisters-y publications around.

What it is not?

Head and Star is not a press entity in the meaning of German (and European) law. It's distributed as a letter to friends and acquaintantees. We neither sell bootlegs nor support the sale of bootlegs nor offend against other copyright laws.

Who publishes the zine?

It's not such a big secret, but since German police has strange attitudes towards anything remotely associated with bootlegs, the editor prefers not to name himself openly. Is publishing bootleg reviews bad in Polizei's eyes? Let's not find out. You still can reach the editor via head-and-star@geocities.com.

The web site is maintained by Andrius Sytas, web space is provided by Wim Vandeputte.

When is the new issue out?

When is the new album out? ;>

Seriously, it will be done when the right combination of time and money is there. The editor is in process of graduating the studies, and it's not as easy as it seems.

However, as soon as we get to something we will inform all members of our mailing list. To get on it, mail to The_Sisterhood99@hotmail.com (those who bought any issue of the zine need are already there). Your address will not be shared with anybody, and will not be used for anything other than to inform about new issues.

What language is the zine in?


There were some English articles in the issue 07. English-only issue was planned, but in the light of current stalemate nothing is clear anymore.

So why is this site in English?

Various reasons. Mostly because Andrius can't properly understand German (although he still fondly remembers the hitchhike from Paris to Lyon, spent communicating with bilingual French driver in German with certain degree of success). Presenting it to wider masses also has something to do with it.

Did you make much money on it?

Head & Star is a non profit project. Its prices are calculated to cover the printing and mailing costs only. The time spent preparing it isn't included in the price, so one can say we're losing money on the zine.

Not sure what is the meaning of life? Not sure you why you aren't sure what is the meaning of life? Any other unsure-ities? Don't worry, we're always here to help you -- head-and-star@geocities.com.
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